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About US - Welcome to has a mission and a duty to provide the best laptop charges and cell phone repair parts at the bast possible price in the market.

A while ago, laptops were just too expensive, bulky, and no immediate use. Nowadays, everyone have one! The same goes for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S line. Gone are the days of Blackberry's and Nokia's. We believed that someone is needed here to service the growing population as more and more people were now able to afford laptops and touch screen cell phones.

Why? Because no one in the market talks or cares about QUALITY AND SERVICE! We are your one stop prime provider for laptop chargers and cell phone repair parts. We carry both aftermarket and OEM brands. We know what the difference is! We have what our customers need!

As this industry grows, along with eBay and Amazon, good quality product are becoming harder to locate. More and more wholesalers and distributors are turning to for better products.

We carry both Aftermarket and Original OEM products, and if stated clearly on the product page, OEM standard quality products. Need a iPhone charger? We're the ones that have them ready to ship out TODAY. Need a Samsung Galaxy battery? We've got it. Need a Original OEM Samsung Galaxy battery? We've got that too. What about a Galaxy Note Case? We've got those too - all at the best quality around. Need a OEM Original Apple Macbook Charger? We've got them! We carry everything you need in stock. is the premier industry supplier for laptop chargers and cell phone repair parts!

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